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“My goal is to create a generation of youth road safety advocates, helping to ensure that future generations will not have to suffer from the burden of preventable road traffic deaths and injuries”


Services Provided (Youth-Led & Focused): 


  • Movement and Capacity Building Training 

  • Youth Policy Engagement Training & Support 

  • Project/Campaign Creation, Management, Implementation, & Evaluation


With all services, I prioritize increasing the capacity and skills of young people involved, ensuring the project is sustainable and youth-led and youth-focused as much as possible. 


Need help building a youth engagement program or project? Contact Me. 


Current Projects: 


  • National Vision Zero for Youth

  • Denver Streets Partnership - Advocacy Academy 

  • Montgomery County Department of Transportation - Consultant for Vision Zero Youth Ambassadors Program 

  • Valverde Movement Project - Mobility Justice & Community Outreach Organizer 

  • International Vision Zero for Youth Leadership Award Committee

  • Youth For Road Safety (YOURS)

  • Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety - Member


Past Projects: 


  • National Safety Council - DriveitHOME Parent Education Program 

  • DC Safe Routes to School - Kelly Miller Middle School 

  • Youth for Road Safety - Star Ratings for Schools // Safe Routes to School 

  • 2nd World Youth Assembly for Road Safety - Steering Committee

  • Safe Kids Worldwide - Buckle Up Program / National Teen Drivers Safety Week 

  • DENSO International America - ​​Road Safety Engineering Design Challenge 

  • Texas Department of Transportation -  "Talk, Text, Drive" Campaign

  • Colorado FCCLA - Knock Out DUID Campaign 


*This is not an exhaustive list of projects I’ve led or engaged in. 




  • Working with Communities of Color, LGBTQ Communities, & Young Adults

  • Coalition Building, Community Organizing, Engagement

  • ​ Project/Campaign Creation, Management, Implementation, & Evaluation

  • Graduated Drivers Licensing (GDL) 

  • Youth Policy Advocacy & Legislative Advocacy 

  • Distracted and Impaired Driving 

  • Teen Drivers Safety 

  • Equitable Road Safety Promotion 

  • Parent-Teen Engagement in Road Safety 

  • Peer-to-Peer Education 

  • Mobility Justice

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